Well, you have heard of twenty20 cricket but Fifty50 is a new venture for Collingham & Linton Cricket Club to raise much needed funds for the club and also to have some fun in the process. To be part of this, it will cost you £5 a month, payable via standing order.

Based on 50 participants, 50% of the income will be distributed in prizes in the form of one

£100 prize and one £25 prize per month. If more than fifty sign up, then for every 10 additional individuals, we will increase the prizes in line with the 50% principle. There will be a draw every month of the year, and winners will be notified directly.

Application Form

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Month (2017) Winner                    Runner Up
January            Mike Woodhall     Phil Jones
February          Bill Powell              P Grant
March               Mike Woodhall     W Lifford
April                   Bill Powell              Toby Jacklin



Q:Why does the Cricket Club need funds?

A:Two main reasons:

1.firstly we have some capital items that we wish to invest in, firstly outdoor nets, which will be used largely by the thriving junior section that we have

2.secondly, the cost of hosting just one league fixture continues to mount; umpires expenses alone can amount to between £50 and £80, the cost of a new ball is around £??, and all this not including the cost of maintaining the ground and preparing the wicket etc. With the increasing number of juniors playing in the senior teams, and wishing to maintain our policy of not charging them a full match fee, just covering the costs of the day is a challenge, and we need to look elsewhere for funding.

Q:How long after I sign up will I be included in the draw?

A:You will be included in the draw for the month after we receive your first standing order.

Q:When will the draw be made?

A:On the first of the month.

Q:How will I know if I have won?

A:We will contact you by email, telephone or post, and then send you a cheque. A notice of the winners will also be posted in the clubhouse and on the website.

If you have any questions about the draw or to sign up, please contact Sue Jacklin tel: 01937 585813, email: