Team managers are responsible for coordinating the arrangements for away matches or any activity that requires travel to another location. Prior to any activity that requires children to travel to another club or location as part of their participation in the Club Junior Section, the team manager involved will:

  • Communicate to the affected children’s parents the nature and purpose of the trip, along with information on location, time, meeting arrangements, cost and any kit requirements. The name and contact information for the Club coach or team manager responsible for the trip will also be communicated.
  • Ensure that they have a written copy of the relevant emergency contact details, along with any relevant medical information, for all children taking part for whom they have a duty of care.
  • Provide parents with a ‘Club Home Contact’, the Club Welfare Officer or a nominated representative, who will act as a contact point if required in an emergency situation. This should be a member of the club who has been CRB checked.
  • The Club Home Contact will be provided with the names of those players and staff taking part in the trip, and the same emergency contact and medical information as carried by the team manager.
  • The Club will publish details of each away match on the club website. This will include the date, start time, venue, directions to the venue, the time players are expected to arrive and team manager contact details.