Collingham & Linton Cricket Club recognises that it has a duty of care towards all young players who are representing it. Where young players are selected to play in adult matches, the Club will not:

  • Place a young player in a position that involves an unreasonable risk to that young player, taking account of the circumstances of the match and relative skills of the player.
  • Create a situation that places members of the opposing side in a position whereby they cannot play cricket as they would normally do against adult players.

In addition, the Club applies the following guidelines for young players in adult matches:

  • The Club will not allow any young player below the Under 13 age group to play in an adult match.
  • Under 13 age group players can play in adult matches if considered by a qualified level 2 coach or above that it is appropriate for their development. If selected, they must be given the opportunity to show their talents in an appropriate way, i.e. not just be used as fielders.
  • Under 13 age group players will need explicit written parental consent to play, in order that parents or guardian are aware of the significance of allowing their child to play in adult matches. Players in age groups U14 and above are free to play in adult matches.
  • Every effort must be made to involve the young player in all aspects of the game, and to help them feel comfortable and able to perform.
  • All young players who have not reached their 18th birthday must wear a helmet with a faceguard when batting, acting as a runner or standing up to the stumps when wicket keeping.
  • The current ECB fast bowling and fielding regulations must be adhered to and the Club expects these to be enforced by the umpires and captain. These are available on the club website and determine how many overs young bowlers can bowl, and how close to the batsman fielders can field.
  • The Club’s ‘Changing Rooms and Showering Facilities Policy’ must be adhered to.

NB. Junior age groups are determined by the age of the player on the 31st August
preceding the season of play.