If a child for whom the Club has responsibility goes missing, the following steps will be taken by the Club coach/Team Manager and officials:

  • The Club will ensure that the other children in their care are looked after appropriately while a search is organised for the child concerned.
  • The Club will inform the child’s parents / legal guardians if they are present, or nominate an appropriate person to telephone them and advise them of the concern.
  • The Club will organise all available responsible adults in the area to search the area in which the child has gone missing. It is best to take a short time to organise the search properly so that all places are searched fully. All those searching will report back to a nominated adult at a specific point.
  • The nominated adult should remain at the specific point and make a note of the events, including detailing a physical description of the child including approximate height, build, hair and eye colour as well as clothing the child was wearing and where / when they were last seen, as this will be required by the police.
  • If after 20 minutes the search has not been successful in locating the child, even if the search is not yet complete, the local police should be informed. Control of the search should be passed to the police at this stage.
  • As soon as the child is located the child’s parents and the responsible adults and, if appropriate, the police, should be informed without delay.

All incidents involving missing children MUST BE notified at the very earliest opportunity to the Club Welfare Officer, who must immediately notify the County Welfare Officer, and they must then notify the ECB Child Protection Team.